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Due to an unforeseen tornado warning in Ohio, the March 26th Lecture at 6pm had to be rescheduled to April 2nd at 6pm EST! I have added 10 ADDITIONAL seats to this lecture so if you have not RESERVED your seat for April 2nd NOW IS THE TIME!

If there is ONE lecture you don't want to miss, it's this one. 
Today's lecture was nothing short of amazing

-John Shimko-

       (this is an online, LIVE streaming lecture)

Justin rocked it! Why haven't you booked him yet to lecture for your club???

                                       -Joe Farag-

Pre- Registration
ONLY $25

Just caught the 3pm lecture so far from JM!!! If you didn't catch the 3pm or your not catching the 6pm on april 2nd, your missing out!

                          -Hannahn Joey Obrochta-
At age 40 Justin Miller has accomplished so much in the world of magic. This lecture will take a look at close to 4 decades of visual, powerful magic that has been featured on Syfy's hit TV show Wizard Wars, America's got Talent and A plethora of TV and movies. He has been featured at The World Famous Magic Castle and nominated twice from The Academy Of Magical Arts for Lecture and Magician of the year. He has created over 4 thousand magic effects for some of the top TV magicians and released over 40 Dvds. His Magic is performed in every single continent of the world. And tonight he will unlock some of those secrets that have made him one of the most successful performers and creators in the art of magic.

                     ----10 SEATS LEFT----

Justin Miller rocked the lecture. If you can't find anything you'd use, you might want to see a doctor!
                              - Haines House Of Cards-

"A borrowed ring and an empty card box makes wonderful bedfellows. And the BEST part about ROX is it is entirely IMPROMPTU" -Justin Miller-

---------------------------------------- ------------------

ONLY $10

  • Super easy..
  • 100 percent Impromptu..
  • No Gimmicks..
  • The perfect effect that combines VISUAL and AUDIBLE moments..
  • Looks like trick photography..

When the card tricks are just not cutting the mustard any longer... take them to the ROX!


"I think the word Masterpiece should be associated with this effect in the dictionary"


ONLY $15

Effect: After telling the story of Rene to your audience you proceed to take one hand place it deep in your pocket. With an EMPTY hand a ring appears on your finger. It slowly melts thru each finger and then jumps from your thumb to your pinky...all with one hand! The hand is closed and you ask THEM what finger they want the ring on. They say middle for example. In a flash you open your hand only to be surprised as the ring has VANISHED! In a very slow manner the hand that has been in the pocket the ENTIRE TIME is removed,and shown to have the SAME ring on the freely chosen finger.

  • You will get a download with over 19 minutes of razor sharp teaching..
  • Only one ring is used..
  • Perfect opener+combo with my effect DIVORCE..
"This is seriously the BEST ring effect I have ever seen. Simply BRILLIANT!" 
                                               -Anthony Roberts-
"Just performed this for a wedding reception. I have never had those kinds of reactions before. BRAVO Justin!" 


"I just bought this and I have to say..WTF? How do you keep coming up with these miracles?"


Justin Miller is easily one of today's most prolific thinkers and innovators

-Bobby Motta-


Justin Miller knows how to choreograph effects to create the strongest mystery and elicit the biggest reactions, better than any other performer I have ever seen 

- Bill Abbott-

Justin, you have found your stride 

-Dan Harlan-

"I purchase almost everything Justin puts out. His thinking is offbeat, his ideas are amazing, and it is all practical. I love practical. 
So I love Justin. 
He is headed toward the top"

-Marc Salem-

Wow, this guy is really good. Not only did you continue to fry me with your clever methods, but the way you engage your audience is so natural...I am a Justin Miller fan

-Barrie Richardson-


Justin’s has a unique and clever way of thinking about magic  

-Gregory Wilson-

Justin is like so fearless with performing... I swear Justin could be a billionaire if he ever truly decided to defraud us all as like a faith healer or something.


"I have followed you for a long time! I bought the Utopia Principle and I could NOT sleep all night. I was literally bangging my head all night..this is BRILLIANT! I am putting this into my stage show ASAP! Thank you for putting out this secret YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CREATORS!"

-Neo Mentalista-

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