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This is something I am very proud of! I have LOVE peek concepts ever since I read about them in Corinda's 13 Steps of Mentalism. I have always looked at everything I come across as a potential peek device (yes even joke). But (unlike fruit):

  • It needs to be an easy and deceptive execution of the peek...
  • The "device" needs to be pocket friendly and take up very little pocket space...
  • They should be able to write down ANYTHING with ANY PEN or PENCIL..
  • NO Impression devices or pens needed to make it work...
  • EVERYTHING can be examined BEFORE and AFTER..
  • Can the "device" be placed into THEIR pocket AFTER they write the info down...

I was able to see Silent Kolor..OMFG! I have no idea. I just purchased. Brilliant just GOLD!


I got a look at Silent Kolor today, and I have to say, it is diabolical. If you know me, you know that's a word that I don't just throw around 

-Scott Compton-

ONLY $20

JM this is a masterpiece

-Joel Luna-


I have been working with peek wallets and peek devices for the past 20 years. 

I have tried them all. But it never makes sense to bring out a wallet just to put something in it. I mean it just makes zero sense. I have created many of these methods myself and even though I LOVE Peek in Time and Predi-Pad (wallet wise Michael Weber's Seer wallet is my daily wallet) I still have found a disconnect with having someone write something down then just taking out your wallet and placing that info inside. So I was thinking what else do I use? Cards! 

Slits and secret cutout windows have been the norm of every peek card box..until today.

I introduce you to the SPY BOX!

This is soooo smart Justin


Justin, this is soooo deceptive


ONLY $20

LOVED your show Justin! Would you like to eat dinner with me?

-Milt Larsen-

(Founder of the World Famous Magic Castle)

Justin Miller is easily one of today's most prolific thinkers and innovators

-Bobby Motta-


Justin Miller knows how to choreograph effects to create the strongest mystery and elicit the biggest reactions, better than any other performer I have ever seen 

- Bill Abbott-

Justin, you have found your stride 

-Dan Harlan-

"I purchase almost everything Justin puts out. His thinking is offbeat, his ideas are amazing, and it is all practical. I love practical. 
So I love Justin. 
He is headed toward the top"

-Marc Salem-

Wow, this guy is really good. Not only did you continue to fry me with your clever methods, but the way you engage your audience is so natural...I am a Justin Miller fan

-Barrie Richardson-


Justin’s has a unique and clever way of thinking about magic  

-Gregory Wilson-

Justin is like so fearless with performing... I swear Justin could be a billionaire if he ever truly decided to defraud us all as like a faith healer or something.


"I have followed you for a long time! I bought the Utopia Principle and I could NOT sleep all night. I was literally bangging my head all night..this is BRILLIANT! I am putting this into my stage show ASAP! Thank you for putting out this secret YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CREATORS!"

-Neo Mentalista-