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"Great Effect! A+ I love it!"  -Magic-man55 from Youtube-

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"This just goes to show that you do NOT need an expensive set of props to create a moment of astonishment that has multiple phases. Brilliant Justin!" -Tom Farnoth-

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"I have been waiting for you to release this for over 5 years! I have been a fan of yours for longer than that. THIS IS A WORKER! Again, you have taken a classic ring and rope effect and brought it into the home it deserves. I have Gregory Wilsons Unleashed and I hated that you have to palm at a very dirty moment in the routine. YOU sir Justin have solved that problem. C I R C L E is my all time fav effect now..THANK YOU!" -Richard Browsen-

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The most practical ring and necklace routine that has been created is now ready to enter your act!

In 2008 I had the idea to cause a ring to dance the dance of vanishes and penetrations in the spectators hand, while they were holding it, only to reappear linked PERMANENTLY on your necklace. In 2011 I filmed my award winning effect Freedom Pack. During that shoot I performed CIRCLE and made 2 "teaser" trailers for it. At the time I was using a stainless steel necklace. And black ring.Teaser below:

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I was scheduled to release this with a magic company...then we hit 2 MAJOR roadblocks.

1.We could not get the props together for the price we were looking for. I would of had to sell CIRCLE for $120 JUST to get a 4 percent profit from it.

2.We realized how INSANSE it would be to have to keep track of all the different sizes of rings that people wear. Again, it would be just to expensive. So we shut down CIRCLE.

Enter 2017. I am BEYOND happy to finally be able to bring you this ORGNAIC looking miracle. I have searched far a wide since 2011 and tested over 30 types of gimmicks, types of rings and a plethora of necklaces to bring you CIRCLE! I always wanted this to be in the range of $30 to $50. Well within the budget of any worker. I finally found the price range I always wanted,$30 AND one size fits all!

Effect:   A ring is taken off your finger and handed to your audience. While they are looking at the ring you show you have 1 necklace around your neck under your shirt. The ring then vanishes and jumps to their shoulder. You then take the ring back from them and with empty hands you grab the middle of your shirt and twist the ring in the shirt. They are then instructed to hold the ring thru the shirt. The moment they let go they hear a clink and the ring vanishes (your hands are 100 percent empty) only to be found LINKED in time on your necklace you JUST showed a few minutes before. You hand both to them and they confirm it is 100 percent linked to your necklace. Then without any funny moves, the ring and necklace is placed in their hand and the necklace is pulled THRU the ring IN their hands. They actually FEEL it come off!

You will get:

  • A 30 min download that will teach all you need to know to start performing right out of the box...
  • 1 Black beaded Unbroken necklace...
  • Ring...
  • NEW and IMPROVED RING VANISH gimmicks...
Important points to remember:
  • The necklace is shown before and after.
  • When the ring goes thru your shirt your hands are palming.
  • Everything is examinable at any point during the routine.
  • The gimmick does all the work for you and allows easy access to the ring at all times.

Each CIRCLE gimmick is produced and made by me. So please be patient as they are custom made.


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