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Legend of the one hand man. One ring. One hand.

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"I think the word Masterpiece should be associated with this effect in the dictionary" -Owen-

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Héctor René Lavandera, known as René Lavand (24 September 1928 – 7 February 2015), was a magician from Argentina specialising in close-up magic. He appeared in Ed Sullivan's and Johnny Carson's television shows as well as shows at Hollywood's Magic Castle.

After losing a hand at the age of 9 in a car crash, Rene Lavand slowly taught himself the art of conjuring because, in his own words, "all books and techniques are for two-handed magicians". After working as a cashier in a bank, at the age of 32 he appeared in Buenos Aires' Tabarís Theater, following which his career took off, leading to world tours. The catchphrase he used for one of his most celebrated tricks was "No se puede hacer más lento" (Spanish for "it cannot be done any slower" ), referencing the measured and slow pace of his performances.

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When I first heard of Rene I was about 15 yrs old. I heard that their was a man who could perform MIRACLES with cards, coins, cups, coins etc...with ONLY one hand. I was INSTANTLY hooked.During my career I have been very fortunate to work with or witness the magic of so many legends. Rene was a BIG influence on my magical thinking growing up in the art.

Here is the man in action:

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"The Legend of the one hand man" is my tribute to a beautiful and poetic man.

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"This is seriously the BEST ring effect I have ever seen. Simply BRILLIANT!" -Anthony Roberts-


"I just bought this and I have to say..WTF? How do you keep coming up with these miracles?"       -Jonathan-


"Just performed this for a wedding reception. I have never had those kinds of reactions before. BRAVO Justin!" -Mark-

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Effect: After telling the story of Rene to your audience you proceed to take one hand place it deep in your pocket. With an EMPTY hand a ring appears on your finger. It slowly melts thru each finger and then jumps from your thumb to your pinky...all with one hand! The hand is closed and you ask THEM what finger they want the ring on. They say middle for example. In a flash you open your hand only to be surprised as the ring has VANISHED! In a very slow manner the hand that has been in the pocket the ENTIRE TIME, has the SAME ring on the freely chosen finger.

  • You will get a download with over 19 minutes of razor sharp teaching..
  • Only one ring is used..


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