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Beginner Mentalism Package

$10.00 $30.00

I get asked all the time "what are some good beginner Mentalism effects?" So after much thought I have decided to make up a package of  some of the strongest and most memorable, while still being dirt easy to execute, Mentalism demonstrations I have created to date. This package would cost you over $120  if bought seperately (even included some UNPUBLISHED/OFF THE MARKET material). These are filled not just with methods but theories, Lectures and a FULL show!

This Package includes:

  • BLINK: Predict ANYTHING with just a smart phone (no Apps) (reg.$10)
  • The Original Droid Buster : Break into ANY cell phone using any android phone (reg.$10)
  • Generous : A killer gift card double prediction with a BIG kicker (reg.$10)
  • Legendary :Confabulation for the modern mentalist. (reg.$15)
  • Listen : A diabolical way to predict ANY freely named song. (reg.$10)
  • Penguin Lecture + Show : over 4hrs of instruction and 45 min FULL Mentalism Show. (reg.$20)
  • Pure Thought : Can a thought exist without a desired object in mind? (reg.$15)
  • Reject : A thought of card is ejected out of a shuffled pack of cards. NO GIMMICKS (reg.$10)
  • Serial Thief : Dust off that secret gimmick you have in your drawer and see a FRESH new way to use it! (reg.$10)
  • The Touch : a very emotional and MEMORABLE demonstration connecting emotions and people. (reg.$10)
  • Utopia : GET rid of your equivaqe! A BRAND new way to predict anyone of 4 or five freely named objects (reg.$10)
  • Zener : Taking the zener test to another extreme. Each phase is more impossible than the last. It ends with THEM doing EVERYTHING! (reg.$10)
OVER $120 worth of material that will have you start performing with a confidence you never knew you had !
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Get all of this for ONLY $30.00 ..YEP JUST $30.00  for EVERYTHING!



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