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Color Blind. The first of it's kind.

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" I owned copper and silver one time in my life and never bought it again due to it rolling away when performing, that hit hard both the trick and my  wallet, now I can perform this with the same result and not have to worry if I lose a sharpie" -Andrew-

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This is PERFECT opener to ANY Magic act. Here is exactly what they SEE and EXPERIENCE:

A BLUE and BLACK ( you can use whatever 2 colors you want ) sharpie are shown and one color is picked. That pen is placed in their hands and covered. Like a FLASH of lightning you (with NO GIMMICKS) cause the pens to CHANGE places. To demonstrate one more time your powers over ink and plastic, they hold onto both pens and in their hands you cause the PENS themselves to change places. The BLUE cap is NOW on the BLACK pen and the BLACK cap is now on the BLUE pen.

And the best part? You end COMPLETELY CLEAN!

Color Blind is the FIRST of it's kind. If you LOVE performing the classic Copper/Silver rouitnes with coins, you will LOVE Color Blind. And it is SUPER easy to execute!

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"Ok, I believe. Magic IS real! I Never let go of those damn pens. You are the BEST Magician I have ever seen....How much to hire you for a private party for New Years Eve?"

-Ron Gelttzy- (Owner of The Diamond Palace-Columbus,Ohio)

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You will get a 22+min download CHOCK FULL of all the information you will need to start performing this VISUAL pocket miracle.

  • 3 Different methods using a watch, sleeves and sleeveless. 
  • A BONUS phase where the cap of a sharpie vanishes and reappears back on the marker while being held by the spectator.

Anytime we can use everyday objects and perform IMPOSSIBLE looking Magic with them, it creates credibility with our audiences without saying a word. SHARPIE is known WORLD-WIDE and is a household name!

Color Blind will be YOUR next purchase!


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