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Silver and Glass


I believe in this product so much that I am including a $5 Gift Voucher to use at my store.

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"If you have ever watched any of Justin's coin work it will spark excitement, intrigue, and utter amazement, this is routine has all of that and more. Simplistic in design but packs such a punch that it leave people speechless. Personally I have performed this and followed it with Justin's Silver Dreams for many people and have gotten such great reactions and comments. Great Work Justin, great work!! Truly you have outdone yourself." -Sean Padrigh-

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"I've always loved Justin's coin work since his early work on Silver Dream. His latest work is a coin routine you will take pleasure in perfecting and performing and is pure artistry"

-David Penn-

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"BEAUTIFUL" -Bill Abbott-

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"That LOOKS like REAL MAGIC" -John Shimko-

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3 coins travel from your fingertips to underneath a wine glass. Each coin that travels is more VISUAL and impossible than the last. With a CLICK they HEAR and SEE the coins arrive.

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"Just watched Justin Miller's Silver & Glass, holy smokes this guy is BRILLIANT!! I don't think I have been this fooled in a while.  Justin really takes his time when it comes to putting together a project (new or old) and his effects truly show that. He doesn't just release so called "tricks",in my mind, he releases MIRACLES. Absolute jaw-dropping pieces of eye candy that will leave your spectators speechless!" -B Remey-

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This is a MASTERPIECE of sleights, audeince management, sleeving and CLASS! 

This is the effect I perform RIGHT before SELDOM SEEN. There is something about hearing a coin on a wine glass. It has it's own magicial moment. It's own moment of astonishment. The glass and the coins can all be borrowed if you wish. Quarters are what I use but for the trailer I wanted to allow you guys to SEE the coins UP CLOSE!

  • 32 min of razor sharp teaching
  • 2 versions included
  • Sleeve and Sleeveless

This is the NEW Silver Dream of 2017:)



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