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"I have added Full Circle to my walk around set and it kills. I love the simplicity of the effect and the POWERHOUSE ending they never see coming. Booked a gig last night using this very GENIUS gimmick...just ordered 50 more cards!" 
                                                                           -Brandon Lowery-

                               The 5 of Clubs is signed ON THE FACE..with ZERO SWITCHES!

Justin Miller

  • -Wizard Wars SyFy-
  • -AGT-
  • -FOX-
  • -Consultant for T.V./Movies
  • -Creator some of the BEST selling effects in magic today-

Gregory Wilson

  • Wizard Wars on Syfy-
  • Magic Consultant for T.V./Movies-
  • Creator some of the BEST selling effects in magic today-
  • Chosen magician for Fortune 500 companies-

Garrett Thomas 

  • David Blaine Consultant-
  • Consultant for T.V./Movies-
  • Creator some of the BEST selling effects in magic today-

FULL CIRCLE is a POWERHOUSE SPECIALLY PRINTED card gimmick that will allow you to perform impossible-looking, object changing,memorable-souvenir card magic that will get you the gigs you have been missing.

Straight from the minds of 3 of the most prolific creators of magic comes an idea that has been tried and tested in front of thousands of audiences for over 3 years now. Based of an idea I showed Greg 3 years ago, it has been refined for MAXIMUM IMPACT! 

But do not think this is a 1 trick is so much more.

MAIN EFFECT: A card is selected and placed back in the deck (4 of C). The cards are shuffled and the wrong card is found (5 of C). 

The 5 is signed by them as a memory of the blunder. The card is revealed by the spectator as the 4 of C. So you rip out the middle pip of the 5 of C and hand them the frame of the 5 of C. TA DA! They are not amused and in a triumphant moment the 5 CHANGES IN THEIR HANDS into the 4 of C. Everything can be fully examined.

BONUS ROUTINE: 2 cards are selected and one is found and then signed. The middle of that card is ripped fairly (no switches) and handed to them or you can hand them the frame. The frame (or the middle) changes into the second card in their hand. The pieces are then RESTORED in their hands, in their wallet, purse, pocket etc with the two cards mis-matched permanently changed!

There will also be at LEAST 1 routine where you do not tear up the card or give it away!

This leaves them with an IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT that they can KEEP. And you can bet your ass they will remember THAT card and that experience the next time they need some live entertainment!

Full Circle will be a VERY limited release!

You will get:

  • The FULL download from Gregory Wilson and Myself (including Garrett Thomas's ideas and tips)
  • A pack of 20 FULL CIRCLE cards (we give you 1 for free:)
  • A few Bonus routines from myself and Greg!


Vouchers will not be accepted for this project