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Each month this space will be filled with NEW and POWERFUL (or older material updated) Magic and Mentalism effects. After the month is over the effects will be taken off this page and a NEW one will replace it. You will have 1 month to purchase the effects, after that...THEY GONE:) 

*unless a number of physical copies are available. If they sell out then the NEXT effect will be added*

Nov 21st-Dec 31st brings you something I have re-worked from the ground up to bring you FRESH-NEW ideas using I.E.T bands...THE MYSTIC!

PLUS anyone who purchases this project will be entered into my YEARLY CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY. 

Each purchase wins you an entry in the stocking. 

I will announce 3 winners on the 19th of Dec. LIVE on FB and INSTAGRAM

Winner 1 will get: A 2 hour personal skype session and a $1,000 package and every effect I create from now to 2018, plus a Gift Card For $300

Winner 2 will get: A 1 hr personal skype session and a $1,000 Magic and Mentalism package.

Winner 3 will get: A 30 min personal skype session.

Good luck to all!

ONLY $30

                                                 Butterfly Effect

(Witnessing Mystic Material)

This is probably the best thing you can do anywhere!

-Dan White-

(David Blaine Consultant-Star of White Magic)

                                  Review for Ring-Slide

(Speaking on Ring-Slide)
This is the best! I saw Justin lecture at Magi Fest this year and it was so clean and clever. You end clean and with IET, it can be fidgety. With this, you have total control over the timing of the slide and it ends clean. I can't say anything bad about this. BUY IT NOW!
                                                                              -Jason Silberman-
Justin Miller is world-renowned as an expert with all things IT/IET related and in this massive project he teaches you the methods you need to blow audiences away!

-Chris Kav-

                                                      THE CLOAK!
                                                      (out of print)

The Mystic will take further down the rabbit hole of I.E.Bands than you ever thought possible. This is a MASSIVE project that combines some of my earlier releases (UPGRADED) and material I have never shown anyone...except live performances for paid clients!

You will learn over 28 effects including:

180- A freely chosen serial number reveals itself in their hands with a creepy crawly moment.

2 haunted packs- including my never before released haunted memory. 

A THOUGHT of card hauntingly creeps out of the deck.

The Force- a card that is freely selected and freely shuffled back in the deck visibly hovers above the spread and then turns face up. This was the piece that I closed my 2007 lecture with..and it KILLS!

V.C.R- This was only published once but I have some new work on it that you will love.

Ring -Slide- My award winning effect that has been seen on national T.V. and performed by some of the biggest names in magic.

Butterfly Effect- A playing or business card responds to a hand gesture with a flutter and then spins between THEIR fingers without any apparent help.

Solace- Their ring levitates and animates then stops in mid air, goes thru a hoop of your fingers and then back onto their awaiting finger..ends totally clean.

Summons The Gathering- For the first time ever I am releasing 3 versions that NEVER made it to THE BOLD PROJECT..this you do not want to miss!

Plastic Man- 3 phrase straw routine that involves their corporation. They get to FEEL the straws energy. 

This is something I always perform wherever their are straws.

P-Pop- A 3 phase SUPER-HYPER VISUAL routine where a kernel changes into a piece of pop corn. Without sight jumps to you hand and then VISUALLY POPS from your hand to theirs.

Fork off- A 2 phase fork routine where a borrowed silverware get's a mind of its own then finally reads their mind.

Blinded- A 3 phase borrowed glasses routine that simply KICKS ASS!

Shy Spirit- Oh this is sooooo damn good. A card is selected and placed back in the deck. The deck is spread in front of them and you instruct them to hold your hands. They close their eyes,(your hands never leave theirs),for less than a second and when they open them, their card has now tuned face up ON TOP of the spread. This is really mind altering.

And much more...

Besides all these great effects, I will also give you my thoughts on:

-Animation vs. Levitation-

-What happens if it breaks?- (spoiler will sometimes)

-Funny true stories that involve thread-

This is a massive 5hr collection of my real world I. E. B. effects that I have created and honed in the harshest of environments, that simply will have people thinking they really came in contact with...The Mystic!


(this product will be sent to your email within 24hrs of purchase! If you purchased the original Mystic when it was out for a day a few months ago please email me at