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Each month this space will be filled with NEW and POWERFUL (or older material updated) Magic and Mentalism effects. After the month is over the effects will be taken off this page and a NEW one will replace it. You will have 1 month to purchase the effects, after that...THEY GONE:) 

And for the month of Oct. I have 2 SPECIAL effects that are perfect to add to your Halloween sets:


Purchase CREEPER and TORMENT for ONLY $15 (saves you $10)

What if you could catch a SPIRIT?
A spirit causes an empty card box to levitate over a pack of cards. Always under your control and EVERYTHING is

2 variations and BRAND new NO CARDS version. Use any borrowed cell phone. And they see the spirits leave the box afterwards!.

ONLY $10

                        Original Torment

                     Trapped Souls Version

Make your Wallet come to life. 

Under your control at all times!

Animate the wallet in your hands, on their hands


  • No magnets...
  • No plastic No strings...
  • No plastic pieces...
  • No motor or gears...
  • EASY as PIE to perform...

I used to sell the FULLY made wallet with the download for only $39.95

But you can easily make up your own with your existing wallet. I will teach step by step how to make a FULLY functional CREEPER wallet. PERFECT for Halloween and spooky events.


BONUS ideas by Eric Jones!

ONLY $15