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Each month this space will be filled with NEW and POWERFUL (or older material updated) Magic and Mentalism effects. After the month is over the effects will be taken off this page and a NEW one will replace it. You will have 1 month to purchase the effects, after that...THEY GONE:) 

*unless a number of physical copies are available. If they sell out then the NEXT effect will be added*

*MOTM Students will get any material I release through the Inner Circle...FREE!*

         They LITERALLY FEEL the card VANISH from their hands!

JM you never cease to impress me. Your work on the Biddle trick is freaking amazing. I already performed it for a few people and it plays so much better than the original. Keep up the great work!

-Aaron Reichert-

You said it best... “PaBiddle is nothing short of a miracle!” 
I couldn’t be excited more to go out and start performing this effect again. I drifted away from this effect BECAUSE of so many points that you touched on. The reasons why this effect lacked spectator interest or response, you improved on ten fold!!! Dam, I love this and I can’t wait to start applying this new approach. They say don’t try and reinvent the wheel, but nothing wrong with applying some grease! 
Amazing job bro!!!

This was great man! Loved the teaching and modular approach!
Loved the ideas of thinking of the card instead of choosing. 
The vanish of the card.... in their hands 
(one card at a time till nothing left). 
Loved it all. Awesome job bro!

-Tim Thompson-

I'm going to film me doing this probably tomorrow night. I love it!
This is a great update for a classic. Even if there's parts of the old versions you like, you'll find a streamlined and audience tested miracle that will happen in the spectators hands with Pabiddle. They will experience a moment they won't forget and best part is...borrowed deck and zero prep! 

-Jesse Miller-

Over 34 min of teaching for an impromptu MIRACLE!

Padidle: One of the most famous and POPULAR car and traveling games and every single country has it's own version or rules.


The Biddle trick: One of the most famous and POPULAR card tricks known to every single card mechanic. Every great magician has come up with their own unique version.


I am proud to introduce,

PaBiddle: My unpublished work centered around the most famous card trick known to the community. 

The effect itself is close to 6 min long in presentation so you have GREAT closer to any card act.

How is mine different? Simple:

The card is NEVER taken out of the deck, just peeked at.

There are ONLY 4 cards used instead of the traditional 5.

The card VANISHES from THEIR hands and reappears in the deck face-up. Or from their pocket.

The Biddle Trick is a simple, powerful, impromptu miracle you can perform anywhere at a moment's notice using nothing more than an ordinary pack of playing cards.

Learn the basics of fundamental moves plus my touches to the Elmsley count and the Biddle / Kardyro Steal - as well as the routine that ties it all together - in 34 minutes of high definition training.

I have worked for years (close to 15) on this plot and I am finally ready to share it with you.

Over 34 min of intricate teaching!

I will also teach you some very original ideas that are modular in form that will fit into any card routine.


ONLY $15