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I do not want a lot of people performing this so that each one of us who know the secret can have MAXIMUM IMPACT in our performance circles. 

So ISOLATION will be limited to only 60 copies for now.

2 Left...


Isolation is too perfect! 
It packs small and plays huge! 
Justin has outdone himself, again.
What a great idea!

-Eric Ross-

(David Blaine Consultant)

is so practical, easy and deceptive even a mental magician can do it!

-Marc Salem-

(world famous Mentalist)

I really thought there was going to be some expensive High Tech Light APP involved. 
Wow, was I WAAAY OFF! 
Once you're are all set up, it's Pure Presentation.

-Nick Verna-

The trailer below shows the SWITCH with no edits...YOU WONT CATCH IT AND NEITHER WILL THEY!

(The ISOLATION gimmick can be used with ANY card box as well)

ONLY $14.95
39 min download

I am finally ready to release a secret, a principle, a gimmick that will allow you to do the MOST diabolical switch from one object to another on the top of your phone, tablets, cigarette packs, gum packs or card boxes. 

Bills, post it notes and playing cards are just a few of the items you can switch in FULL-VIEW. 

ISOLATION is a switching gimmick..So why another switching gimmick?

Here is what ISOLATES ISOLATION from the other gimmicks:

  • NO electronics or complicated contraptions!
  • NO funny moves or weird hand dumps!
  • Everything is done in FULL-VIEW!
  • NOTHING is written down!
  • NO threads or magnets!
  • Hands are empty before and after the reveal!
  • NO Sleight of hand-Gimmick does all the work!
  • Resets INSTANTLY!

Isolation: A crumpled up ball of post-it paper is placed ISOLATED on top of your phone. You then ask a spectator to THINK of something (they write NOTHING down and they can think of ANYTHING)and they say it out loud. IN THE MOST FAIR AND ORGANIC FASHION the post it note is taken off the phone and handed to them. 
They open it up and that THING is written on the post it note.

I have used ISOLATION for the past 7 years in my close-up work. I have NEVER shown 1 magician or mentalists due to the fact I knew the moment I did they would want me to release it. I have kept this ONLY for paying audiences and close personal clients. I have booked $1,000 shows on this one simple gimmick.

Here is what you will get:

  • A full download teaching you HOW to make the gimmick to fit your phone, card box, packs of gum or tablets! You will be able to switch bills, post it notes, playing cards or any paper objects.
  • A list of websites on where to purchase everything you need to make your ISOLATION gimmick. Most of you will have EVERYTHING in your house already. For those who do not,It will cost you about $11 to make 1,000's of ISOLATION gimmicks!

For the first time ever I will tip my ideas and methods on pocket writing.
Pocket writing will allow you to secretly write down information in clear view of your audiences and they will never know.
Most switching devices cost over $50. 
Learn the most diabolical switching gimmick TODAY!
Justin Miller