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ONLY $50

Pay $50 now and pay the last $249 within 2 months! April

ONLY $75.00

Pay $75 now and pay the last $224 within 2 months! April

I am extending the cut off date for the LIFE COLLECTION due to feedback from my valued customers over seas who have just seen this offer.

The new cut off date will be VALENTINES DAY at midnight! 

So you all have 48 hrs from now to get your hands on this MASSIVE LIFE COLLECTION!

You can quote me if you like, but Justin, I had no idea how much work you had stored up over the years! This is amazing. I could stop buying material for a year and still be digging through all of this. I'm so psyched I jumped when you offered this package - it's insane. I almost feel like I hacked your computer or something, there's just SO MUCH here. WTF?

-Chris Wible-

I feel like I am taking advantage of you. I had no idea how much magic and Mentalism you have contributed to this art. You have always been in my top 5 of most influential and GREATEST magicians of all time.

And the fact that you are giving all your 2018 magic and Mentalism away? I jumped when I saw your email.

Cannot wait to see what the next 5 yrs has in store for us.

-John Rickley-


I get asked all the time "how can I own all the magic you have created to date?" so I thought about this a long time and I am now offering (1 WEEK ONLY) my FULL collection to date. 
This comes to $11,420 if sold separate. 
This includes 12 FULL lectures and 30 effects that will be delivered on a flash drive to each purchaser separate of the downloads I will send at time of purchase. This full collection is:

  •  OVER 200 hours of razor sharp teaching over a span of 30 years...
  • A little over 1k effects...
  • Published and UNPUBLISHED effects...

PLUS if you pay the FULL amount (payment program below) TODAY, then you will receive with your purchase EVERY EFFECT I CREATE FOR THE NEXT YEAR FREE! Yep, Not only do you get the full collection but you will also have my mind at your disposable for a full year in Magic and Mentalism I create in that time period..ABSOLUTELY FREE! But this is ONLY for those who pay in full within the week period.
Even if you have a lot of my work (and I know so many that do) I PROMISE you do NOT have the FULL COLLECTION.

I am also going to offer you all a payment program below, so even if you do not have the full funds right can still take part in this offer and pay the last half a bit later.
At the time of EITHER purchasing option below, you will get all the downloads in an email. The flash drives with the 30 EXTRA effects will be delivered to your door step within a full 2-3 months period.
Open the door to my mind for the past 35 yrs.