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The Test 3.0
-ONLY 100 will be made and sold-


Gregory Wilson

Man is this good! So simple and I LOVE the new look. I am so glad you brought this back!

Sam Gentry

When I saw this on your at the table lecture I said to myself "you brilliant bastard" I am so happy you upgraded this. Add to cart now!

Holland Yu'ves

Four years ago I created and marketed The TEST. It was a BRAND new way to allow a card to be revealed through a Rorschach Ink blot. It broke new grounds and was a HUGE success. With a diabolically simple method, The TEST became a favorite to many. But there were still some improvements that needed to done to the original bracelet. So I took it off the market. Ever since I featured it on my At The Table Lecture with Murphy's Magic, I have been asked if I was ever going to bring it back. Well those changes have now been implemented and new routines have been added with a KILLER jam session with myself and Gregory Wilson.

The band is now REAL leather, it is a sleeker thinner design. 

One size fits all and the method is even EASIER now to execute.

Thanks to GENIUS leather maker Anthony Roberts, I am beyond thrilled to present to you The TEST 3.0. 

The entire effect is now self contained with no moving pieces..nothing to add or take away.

You will ALWAYS be ready to share this MIND BLOWING effect anywhere anytime..even if you have ZERO cards on you!

These are made to order and ONLY 100 will be sold.

Anthony will be mailing them DIRECTLY from his shop when he is finished making them.

One TEST 3.0 bracelet takes exactly 1 hr to make so this is not a cheap prop, but a high quality leather bracelet that you will carry EVERYDAY!

You will get:

  • A High Quality Leather TEST 3.0 Bracelet.
  • A hr download on the history of the effect, explanation and a jam session with Gregory Wilson on THE TEST!

Get ready students,