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The Vault I I

2 Years ago I released 5 effects that were specifically created for a T.V special that never aired.
It was a collection called the Vault.

Now 2 yrs later I bring you the 2nd installment.
the Vault I I.

Only 50 packages will be sold!

JUST 11 left.. Do not wait!

This would sell for close to $70 if bought separate.

ONLY $20

The Vault I I consists of 5 "NOW" 6 Mental Money Magic effects that were created for a T.V. show in Paris that never made it to air. So now I am offering these KILLER effects to you my customers and fans. These effects include:

  • Being able to divine a serial number..from a borrowed bill!
  • Being able to fully predict the outcome of 2 coins.
  • Correctly seeing the outcome of a FREELY CHOSEN path for a stack of bills.
  • A FREELY thought of serial number comes to life in their hands (super HYPER visual mental magic)
  • And sooo much more.

Over 2 hours of Magic and Mentalism that is fully explained and multiple variations of each effect given.
(Downloads will be sent at time of purchase. LIVE performances included)