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DUDE wow, what a GREAT damn idea. And your bonus effect is INSANE. I still have no idea how you come up with these ideas but PLEASE do NOT STOP!

-Brian Hander-

I will be honest, I thought I knew it and was a little fooled about the joker vanish, but when I watched it again and again and again I just became more and more fooled!

This will beat your audiences brain-up!

Every-time I thought I knew what was happening, I'd watch it again and still not know..BRILLIANT!

-Michale Sarah's-


OMG man, I loved it, I was totally impressed and can't wait to perform this in my walk around, close up, routines. 
You never fail to impress me.

                                                           -Ben Garcia-

I am so happy to bring you one of my most requested effects when performing for REAL everyday folks.

ACEHOLE has EVERYTHING a GREAT card trick should have:

-SUPER EASY to perform-

-Almost self-working-

-SUPER EASY to follow-

-Multiple layers of methods to really take them down the rabbit hole-

-A pseudo storyline that has a BIG twist at the end..THEY NEVER SEE COMING-


In this 33 min download you will learn how to perform ACEHOLE and you will be sharing it THAT DAY!

Everyone loves a poker/cheating story and ACEHOLE truly delivers on that level.


My reaction was flat out "that was f***ing cool!  

I gotta learn this.

-Dave G-

Do not wait! 


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