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I am HALTING orders UNTIL this covid thing is over. 
It is messing up EVERYTHING!

Magic With Vision in collaboration with Airship Magic
Proudly Presents 

Justin Miller's 
SIGNATURE Cylinder & Coin's Set

Each set of CnC's are CUSTOM HANDMADE. 

I do not have a stock pile of these, so each set is made per customer. 

That is why the wait time is longer AND because of Covid we are having delays in the postal service itself. 

Just know this before you purchase.

I have about a 4 month turn around on this right now until I can get me and my manufacturer caught up.


Justin Miller

I LOVE this set!

Practicing, all day everyday!

Justin's SIGNATURE Cylinder and Coins set was not only what I have been looking for, but they look great, feel great, and most of all they are affordable!

-Brandon Sheffield-

   (the cylinders are black, this was a special order)

I do not think you can find a better quality set for a better price! You are essentially getting everything you need for the routine, for what other dealers are charging just for the leather cylinder!

-Adam Allred-

                       (wooden box not included)

I am so glad I made the investment in Justin's SIGNATURE CnC's Set. The beauty of this set rivals those beyond expensive ones. He has thought of everything! You're going to LOVE this custom-made coin would be a fool to pass this up!

-Tim Thompson-

Hey brother man, this set is amazing!  I'm going to do a full review for you as soon as I get the chance to practice more.  
This is top quality -very classy indeed.


-Tim Orr-

You will learn Adam Wilber's SHY CORK routine as well.

What makes this SIGNATURE SET+DOWNLOADS different, it's not just an explanation video or a tutorial but for the first time I am offering you CHOICES for you to use in your own routine.

Cylinder and Coins was created by John Ramsay, and published in 1948 by Victor Farelli in the manuscript John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins.

Since that time any serious student of coin magic has put this routine in their repertoire and for good reason.

This is the PERFECT effect to teach:

-Audience Management-

-Choreography of moves within a routine-

-Distribution of sound and movement-

-Theatrical pauses for affect-

The Signature Peace Dollar set is unique in method and NEW principles in 


A few reasons why SCNC is different: 

1. I wanted to get rid of the "oh, let me guess the LOAD is under the cup" moment when you get to the 3rd cup in cups n balls.

This is why I LOVE David Williamson's 2 cups and balls because you actually get to FEEL that 3rd load under the 2nd cup for the 3rd time.

It does not feel repetitive. 

Same with this...A fourth coin FEELS repetitive.

2. I also wanted to make it more enjoyable for the audience. Instead of feeling like a puzzle it feels like real magic. 

And there is a mystery behind the number 3.  

When you see 3 items of the same thing it has a sense of theater and mystery built into it. 

-3 chairs next to each other-

-3 people next to each other-

-3 coins stacked on top of each other-

It just FEELS right.

3. And lastly I wanted to take out some of the most awkward moments from the original.

The dumping of the cork from hand to hand to show the passing thru of the cork.

The load for the cylinder of the stack.


I have gotten rid of all that. 

PLUS you can now show the coins to be single coins AFTER the cylinder has been lifted up and the cork is seen on top. You cannot do that with the original.

Lastly, I wanted to make it super affordable. 

Any kind of custom work these days you are paying $300-$600. 


This is such and amazing and beautiful set! I have been a fan of this magical plot for more than ten years. Now with this beautiful set I can begin to truly learn the in's and outs of one of the best pieces of magic ever. Thank you very much Justin Miller. You have been a beast in this craft of ours and have a lifetime fan in me for sure.

-Wilder Rua-

 -Everything is secured with a thick, durable band.  Comes with 2 tops for full security of your coins-

-All designed to fit perfectly in the cylinder so you can just pick up the set and start the show-

-Custom Made, 3 coin stack designed SPECIFICALLY for this effect-

Black Cylinder Set ONLY $99 



Italian Cylinder Set ONLY $119 

                                                                  USA ORDERS