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Jesus JM. I just checked it out. This trick is practically the definition of "impromptu". It's easy, very visual,totally safe, and the end could leave the spectator really relieved and scared of the potential of the outcome once it's finished. Not many tricks make the spectator think long after the trick, "One different decision, I could have really been hurt"

 I'm glad you are my acquaintance, mentor, whatever you want to call it. Your stuff only gets better!

-James Beck-

Wait? What? So if I would of made just 1 different decision I could of seriously hurt myself? WTF Justin? This really makes me wonder what choices I have made in life and how they could of been different...WOW!



"This is a plot I've been very unsure about for a while but Justin has found a safe approach that gets rid of all my previous worries with this routine, I can't wait to try it"

 I tried it on a night out just to see how people reacted to the whole idea in general (of a close-up smash and stab) and to play with some scripting! And it killed...the reaction was amazing!!

-Tom Bennett-

Man! Committed is MIND-BLOWING! The psychology and the story-telling behind it is KILLER. This effect is worth every penny and I’m glad I got it on pre-order. Can’t wait to try it!

-Sam Tanem-

BONUS: Routine designed specifically for parlor using a 6 sided dice and rolled up napkins.
Click pic below to purchase the BEST forcing die and reg die to match.

For over 10 years I have banged my head on how to bring a very popular plot away from the stage and to the close-up arena. I have always felt that this plot gives way to a dialogue of WHY we make the decisions we do. How we form our story based on these paths. 
As I was working on COMMITTED I realized that there were very specific issues I needed to address.

The biggest hurdles were:
-It has to be 100 percent safe...
-Must be under your control at all times...
-They have to have all the forces or Equivocate...
-It MUST be 100 percent Impromptu...
-MUST be simple and easy in method...
-Unlike the other marketed versions, it must be affordable for EVERYONE...
-It must still keep the same excitement and "apparent fear of danger" the original smash and stab gives...

After 10 years of working on every possible method I could think of, I am so excited to finally announce COMMITTED to the world of Magic and Mentalism!
I have changed the structure of the routine to allow the fear moment to come in at THE END...not in the beginning. This allows them to ruminate on WHY they made the decisions they did and what would of happened if they made just 1 different decision.

The effect is simple and direct:
4 rolled up bar napkins are placed in front of anyone. You explain that you have a fascination with WHY people choose the decisions they do. What makes a person choose one path over another? 
A path that leads to a totally different outcome than the others.
You then ask if they would COMMIT to a social experiment that will highlight what exactly you are talking about.
You ask them to choose a napkin 1 by 1 till there is just 1 left.
BUT once they choose it they have to reach down with 1 hand and CRUSH the napkin in their hand and discard it.
1 by 1 they do this till there is 1 napkin left. They make every single decision by themselves.
You ask them WHY they left that 1 for last. They give you their reason.
With a very sly look you explain that you HOPED they would leave that last 1 till the end.
The napkin is opened up and 1 single SHARP Toothpick is found laying inside.
It truly is amazing how things could of been so different if they would grabbed that one.

You will get:
-A POWERFUL script and PERFORMANCE rights for public and ALL social media performances!
-A cover to cover download explaining exactly how this works!
-A 30 min download teaching 3 different versions!

You will be performing it 10 min after learning it.
This will take you from a person who knows some tricks to a real PARADIGM SHIFTER in their eyes.
This is a TRUE REPUTATION MAKER and you WILL be adding this to your close-up set INSTANTLY!
Prepare to be COMMITTED!

ONLY $21.95