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"Each one of these are personally made by me for each customer. You will get an email the
moment YOUR folder is updated.Thank you for being patient. I will be starting the filming process for THIS project in May." -Justin-

           The Secret is...CONNECTION!

   Some of the reviews are from Customers who experienced the original CUSTOM DVD SERIES from 2008

Folks YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS PURCHASE!!! It’s soooo worth it and Justin is a great teacher and down to earth great guy! These are the type of things we need to be supporting in the magic community!

-Spike Madly (I.G. review)-

I cannot stress enough the value of this project. In our Art the Mentor/Student dynamic is a MAJOR part of what produced the legends. This is a unique opportunity that we can all benefit from. And the price? Come on.Talk about value for money. Justin is VERY thorough and dynamic in his teaching style and he personalizes each lesson to his students. Get on this!

-Donavon Powell-

Just received my custom downloads WTF JUSTIN? You are a Genius! This is EXACTLY what every Magician and Mentalist needs. I am beyond amazed at your knowledge in the art. I just ordered the FULL LIBRARY and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for this! I LOVE that you say my name in the download. I know others have said this, But you really make it an intimate experience...FAN FOR LIFE!

-John. T-

These have been of tremendous value to me. 
With these DVD's I was able to pick and choose the sleights, subtleties, changes, routines, etc. that I wanted to learn. Justin then called me and asked how much experience I had with coins and cards in order to have the perfect DVDs for me. As many of you know, Justin's teaching style is excellent. He is very detailed oriented which is what I need. What I really liked about these DVD's is the personal nature of them. 
He refers to me by name many times which gives it that personal touch. 
 The quality is very good, and some sleights or moves were shot at different camera angles to aid in explanation. 
I refer to these almost daily to help me with my practice.
I highly recommend the Custom DVD Series. Justin puts a lot of thought and effort into these and it shows. Once I'm ready to move to the next level I will definitely be ordering from Justin again.
Thank you, Justin, for an excellent product.

-Arlene Price-

I got my custom DVD from Justin about 3 months ago on Torn and Restored cards it was great well worth the money Mr Miller is a great guy.


Imagine being able to call on Eric Clapton and say 
"Hey, Eric...I am really having trouble with the E Chords in this song, why don't you put together a dvd and show me how to do it. 
What would that cost?
Justin teaches you what YOU want to learn.
These DVD's are a bargain at three times the cost.....

-Paul Noffsinger-

I really thought that you were exaggerating when you mentioned the Eric Clapton thing; but it turns out you weren't. I went to his site after reading this and it was just as you said. I just can't believe how he devotes his own time and effort to give importance to the mentor-student relationship that he wants us to experience. I mean, a DVD, custom made for me? I could have him say my name on video! That'd be great! Each DVD has his own personal touch to it; it really gives new meaning to the 
"as if he was right there in front, teaching" quote.

-Iquerter Numer-

Concerned about the lack of student/mentor relationship, In 2008 I created something that had never existed before in the magic community.  A new way to connect thru a revolutionary idea of teaching and learning that connected the student and the teacher....and the results were ASTOUNDING! It was the CUSTOM DVD SERIES. I made a DVD that was customized to EACH student. I only taught or talked about what YOU wanted to learn, what YOUR desires were or goals you wanted to accomplish on your Magic path.

Each DVD was at least 45 min long and covered a TON of material/topics. 


Read the reviews here:




That was then...THIS is now!

Technology has grown BEYOND anything we could have seen in 12 years (man, 12 years since I first created the original CDVDS..WOW) and now I am proud to announce the NEW CUSTOM DOWNLOAD SERIES.

Here is how it works:

  • Once you make payment I will email you and start a dialogue about WHAT you want to learn and WHAT you desire.

  • A special CUSTOMIZED folder will be started for you. You and I will be the only ones that can access the folder.

  • I will then make a SPECIAL CUSTOMIZED VIDEO DOWNLOAD that will go over all of the material you asked to learn or gain knowledge from.

  • This will also be customized to your name and it will be like you and I are in the room together:)

  • Unlike DVD days, there will be no wait time to receive your video thru physical mail. As soon as it is uploaded, just refresh the folder and enjoy at your leisure.
  • Each folder will be also be PRE-LOADED with over $500 of Magic and Mentalism  to get you started until your CUSTOMIZED DOWNLOAD(S) are uploaded.

  • No CUSTOM DOWNLOAD will be the same and each one will have it's own unique fingerprint for each student.
  • Each REGULAR DOWNLOAD (except for the SAMPLE PACKAGE below) will be limited to 2 topics.

  • Coins, Cards, Impromptu, Audience Management, Presentation ETC.. whatever YOU want to be better at, I GUARANTEE THE CUSTOM DOWNLOAD SERIES will help you 100 fold!

I am so happy to bring back a GREATER way of teaching and learning Magic effects for each student.
Justin Miller

ONLY $25
(perfect for those who want a taste)

Sample Package
1 topic
15-25 min

Only $75
Regular Package 
2 Topics
45 min-1 hr