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Where is the store based?  Hollywood, CA-New York, NY and Columbus,OH-

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US? Yes, however there is an increased cost for shipping as with any postal service. Plus a longer wait for physical packages.

How long will it take to receive my order? GREAT QUESTION! Since I deal in physical products and digital downloads they are each handled on a purchase by purchase basis. The downloads will be delivered into your E-mail (it is sent to the E-mail you used to purchase through Pay pal) within 24 hrs of time of purchase. If you ordered a physical product (DVD or Gimmicks) they are shipped through the I can tell you that most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 15 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service.I am also just one single person doing everything a bigger magic company does so please be patient as I go in the order I get each sale.

ALL delivery times may vary between 6 and 15 weeks. 

How do I get my downloads after purchase? I use YouTube+Google drive generated unlisted links for all of my downloads I sell on this site. All downloads are sent within 24 hr's of purchase (unless stated otherwise on the product page) !!IMPORTANT!! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD! ALL GOOGLE LINKS SENT WILL DISAPPEAR AFTER 2 WEEKS. ONCE THESE ARE GONE THERE WILL BE A CHARGE TO RE UPLOAD EACH PROJECT! THAT GIVES YOU 14, FULL 24 HOUR DAYS, TO DOWNLOAD THEM! 


What is this store's return and exchange policy? Since my business is in secrets, and knowledge, there is a ZERO return policy on my products. However, if your item is broken, damaged, or your download is not playing, please contact me here and I will replace your item for you.

How do I pay for my order? Is it secure?  use only the best in store protection and security with the #1 trusted online payment processor , PayPal and GOOGLE PAY. Before entering any personal credit card information, you will be transferred to PayPal's secure servers. Do not worry if you do not have a Pay pal account set up, I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club, you can use these cards at the end of your checkout . For GOOGLE PAY use You may also make payments using your bank account, but this may delay your order. By delay, it will send your payment using a E-check process which will take anywhere between 7-10 business days to clear. During that time I CANNOT SEND ANY ITEM TO YOU UNTIL YOUR PAYMENT CLEARS.


What happens if I LOSE or misplace my downloads? Make sure to keep your pay-pal receipts somewhere, this happens a LOT in this day and age. Files and computers can become corrupted or lost. Send me the receipt for what you ordered so I can double check and I'll send you over a fresh new link! If it is an item that is on my external hard drive then I will have to re-upload them and I charge a fee from $10-$100. Price is based on how many products I have to re-upload. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY! I will NOT just send you over magic I cannot verify. I am running a business. Thank you for understanding!

What if something is wrong with my order? If you have a problem with an order from this store, please contact Justin directly using this e-mail