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Mental Sights

Each month this space will be filled with NEW and POWERFUL (or older material updated) Magic and Mentalism effects. After the month is over the effects will be taken off this page and a NEW one will replace it. You will have 1 month to purchase the effects, after that...THEY GONE:) 

*unless a number of physical copies are available. If they sell out then the NEXT effect will be added*

Over 47 effects for ONLY $25.95 (reg.$280+)

I am proud to introduce THE BIGGEST HALLOWEEN PACKAGE I have ever put together. Every single one of these POWERFUL effects have been hand picked JUST for this SPECIAL HALLOWEEN PACKAGE. These effects range from gimmicks to no gimmicks. From beginner to advanced. There is something in this package for EVERYONE!

Mental-Mirror- Cause a FREELY written word to be revealed from their mind to yours and a BIG kicker at the end.

Tact-Full Prediction- A pellet trapped inside a tic tac case JUMPS with no apparent help when a FREELY selected ESP symbol passes by it. The pellet is opened and the ESP symbol is found to be written on the pellet!

The Blood Link Sessions- Cause a BLOOD ring to travel from one hand to the other.
Totally impromptu and very spooky!

Voodoo No Dood- Awarded THE BEST EFFECT of 2018.
2 cards, burned torn, twisted...all in their hands.

Serial Thief- A borrowed bill that is never seen by you is held by your spectator.
You can correctly reveal what the serial number is! With ZERO fishing!

Creeper- Turn your wallet into a haunted item using a single gimmick EVERYONE in the world has in their house.With special additions by Eric Jones!

Hot-Spot- A simple matchbook becomes a POWERFUL switching device to reveal any message you want.

Elevation- A completely impromptu haunted card that animates, levitates and then reveals itself in a POWERFUL moment.

ISOLATION- A balled up post it notes rest on your phone. ANY WORD OR NAME OR NUMBER ETC... is named. WITH ZERO funny moves the paper ball is opened up and whatever they written on the post it.

THE FULL LEGEND TRILOGY- perform LEGEND, LAST WORD (take them to the point of their death) and LEGENDARY all with one simple gimmick that hides in plain sight!

MENTAL MATCHES TRILOGY- This is BEYOND cool! 1 Match book and 3 ideas that can have you reading minds and everything is examinable!

RADAR- With BAT LIKE instincts you can tell what card has been just hearing.
Take this idea and place it it with a DEAD and ALIVE plot and you have a KILLER TRICK for HALLOWEEN!

Ring Slide- AWARD WINNING effect with ALL borrowed objects. Cause a ring to move and animate in their hands while being LOCKED in with a knife or any silver-ware..sharpie as well!

Seldom Seen- A sexy new way to switch a prediction in a glass covered by a silk. This FEELS like real true mind reading!

THE PHOENIX- AWARD WINNING effect that can cause a card, an envelope, a book of matches LIGHT UP IN A FLAME OF FIRE while sitting in a glass untouched by anyone.

Torment- THE ORIGINAL self levitating card box.
All is examinable before and after.

THE MYSTIC PROJECT- Over 22 effects (with BONUS DVD/DOWNLOADS of THE CLOAK and HP Effects) that uses the most secret device known to magicians and mentalists..ELASTIC BANDS and my own original hook up called THE CLOAK. These are effects that will SECURE your place in their mind for the rest of their lives!

180- My favorite ELASTIC band effect. A freely selected bill is mixed with other bills and ANIMATES in their hand and SPINS 180 degrees when one simple question is asked.

Over 47 EFFECTS THAT WILL HAUNT your audiences for the rest of their lives.
Over $280 is what each one of these effects would cost you if you bought them individually.
Now until OCT. 31st get this entire package for only $25.95

2 BIG BONUSES- See a LIVE performance of my version of 2 of the greatest classics in the magic world.
Bill Mccombs Mccombilcal Deck and Silk to Egg.
All filmed before a LIVE AUDIENCE.
These will never been available again.

Below are just a SMALL portion of the effects that are included in the HALLOWEEN PACKAGE!

ONLY $25.95