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Mental Sights

Each month this space will be filled with NEW and POWERFUL (or older material updated) Magic and Mentalism effects. After the month is over the effects will be taken off this page and a NEW one will replace it. You will have 1 month to purchase the effects, after that...THEY GONE:) 

*unless a number of physical copies are available. If they sell out then the NEXT effect will be added*

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"Damn, this is so visual! When I first saw the trailer, I thought I was blind seeing that red pop out from that dollar bill. I didn't expect the trick to be so sleight free too, awesome, awesome piece JM!"


"This is fu**ing beautiful! Thanks, for sharing this! I will be doing this all the time."

-Jared Larson-

Your magic is just so visual! Great fan. Simple, ballsy and creative! Awesome...

-Samuel George-

That ending was indeed beautiful, you are a genius!

-Robin Dymer-