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Each month this space will be filled with NEW and POWERFUL (or older material updated) Magic and Mentalism effects. After the month is over the effects will be taken off this page and a NEW one will replace it. You will have 1 month to purchase the effects, after that...THEY GONE:) 

*unless a number of physical copies are available. If they sell out then the NEXT effect will be added*


"I am getting this right now..ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

-Kumar Satvik-

Every year around valentines day I release an effect that corresponds to the holiday. DESTINY has been #1 for 3 years in a row. I have changed the method and now it is more VISUAL and POWERFUL than before and SUPER easy to perform.

Effect: 2 cards that represents a couple in love are signed on their backs. They are placed out-jogged in the deck FAR away from each other so they are face to face. As the couple begins to think of their own LOVE connection to each other, the cards start to VISUALLY melt thru the other cards only to join in the center. Then both cards are shown not only to have joined but they are PERMANENTLY FIXED FACE TO FACE. Thy now have a PHYSICAL object that they can share with others..and a wonderful moment of astonishment!

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