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"That is a wonderful problem that needs a beautiful solution"
It was 5am in St.Louis in a 3rd story hotel suite that these words were spoken to me by Chris Kenner as I had just forced him to watch my version of his 4 FOR 4 Switch. At this point I had known Chris for close to 15 years. So whatever this man said I would take into my being and ruminate on. Only I did not just ruminate, I OBSESSED with this gift he had given me. He did not give me his new way of doing the switch, he did not tell me what I was doing right or wrong. NO, he acknowledged the beauty of the EXISTENCE of the problem and the REWARD of finding the solution for it. As a creator I fell in love with Kenner's mind and perceptive pragmatism, even more than I had before that morning.

As I started to try and tame the beast of the words spoken that night, I started to go back to my roots, Pall bears Review, KABBALAH, Precursor etc... Monthly periodicals from days of past, days when magic and secrets were held in the highest circles as sacred.
I cut my teeth on the secrets and knowledge in these magical pages. And you know what I found? I found that the PROBLEM has always been transferred thru the circle. Here is the problem....I have a solution what do you think?

"A Solution For Stewart" is my offering for one of Stewart Jame's most perplexed problems with a pair of DICE and a DECK of cards.
This is the exact transcript of a problem that Neal Elias posed to Stewart in 1948:

"A deck of cards is shuffled by the spectator. A set of five poker dice are now rolled until the spec. is satisfied with an outcome. A number of poker hands are dealt out and the performer or a selected hand received the same hand that have shown up on the dice"

Stewart wrote back:
"I just got around to spending a little time on the "poker dice" trick and I realized I did not have enough information. 
Suppose three kings and 2 aces turn upon the dice.

1. Is just dealing any full house from the deck sufficient?

2.Or must it be 3 kings and 2 aces?

3.Or must it be the duplicates of the actual three kings and two aces?

    a.If it is the first case, it is possible but is the effect even worthwhile?
    b. if it is the second case, I would say you are dealing 55,555 combinations.
    c. It is is the third, then you are dealing with 222,220 combinations.

Looks like it is going to take a powerful lot of chicanery to defeat those odds.
Maybe it would be simpler to work on the Einstein Theory, but I am intrigued with the idea."

Well he did and he created multiple versions of this plot. 
It is with this fervent spirit that I humbly offer my solution to a problem.
As I read the history of the poker dice I realized that nowadays MAJORITY of modern people have no idea what these look like and what they are.So I wanted to get rid of those and just use regular dice.
But once I did I realized that now I had a totally different effect on my hands. And I smiled:)

A deck of cards is boxed and laid on the table.
A glass tumbler and pair of dice is introduced. To make sure there is no chicanery (love that word) going on. A audience member take the dice and shakes them in the CLEAR glass tumbler and rolls the dice or traps them under the glass. When they are happy with a randomly chosen number you then ask them to attach a suit to that number. So if they rolled a 4, they would then attach either a C,H,S, or D to the number. For this example let's say he say's HEARTS. So 4 of HEARTS is the card. The cards are taken out of the box by them and you NEVER touch them. You then proceed to tell them what number their random card lays in the deck. They deal the cards and when they reach that number it is found to be the EXACT random card they came up with.
That is just 1 of the 3 routines I provide in this 40 plus min download.
You now know EXACTLY where that card in the deck is without looking at the faces of the cards. You now can reveal the FREELY CHOSEN card anyway you want.

The cards are regular store bought cards...NOT MARKED!
The dice are store bought dice...NOT LOADED or FORCE DICE!
The glass can be borrowed!

So how is it done?
Combining MODERN technology and a very deceptive card stack, TODDLER CARD STACK. With this stack you will know where ANY card in a deck of cards is in less than 5 seconds...AND ZERO MEMORY IS NEEDED.
Once the cards are stacked you can reuse this stack all night 

You will get a pair of dice plus 3 powerful routines so you can start performing right after you watch the download.
This is my "Solution For Stewart" I humbly hope he would have given energy to his own version after seeing mine.

ONLY $19.95

-Will be sent 12.20.18. Project got pushed back due to family issues-