Mental Sights

-Taken from mine and Adam Wilbers WORLD VIRTUAL LECTURE tour-

The Chinese coin set is great!  Very professional.  
I like the weight of them.  
They have a great feel.  
Can’t wait to learn the routine and try it out.

-Jeff Lefton-


Without question the most AMAZING coins I’ve ever purchased!!  

Can’t believe the weight!!

Thanks so much…you rock

All the best!


Get your FULL set for ONLY $250  $100

Every set comes with:
-Two Dollar Sized Chinese Coins-
-One 2 Inch Chinese Coin-
-One 3 Inch JUMBO Coin-
-Two MONSTER Sized 5 Inch Coins-
-One LUXURY Black or Blue (random pick) Devils Silk-
-One Silver MORGAN replica-
(you provide the coin purse)

If there was any SINGLE persons work I had to say I truly admired and fell in love with growing up, it has to be Fred Kap's. It is very possible he might have been the greatest sleight of hand artist and showman the art has ever produced. 
I am so EXCITED to announce (for the first time since Ken Brookes offered them) a FULL set of props for my NEW Project:
-A love Letter To Kap's-

(A guide to the ART of SURPRISE)

A very STUNNING effect (what MAGIC should FEEL and LOOK like) I performed in my weekly restaurant work. It was always the talk of every show and I was able to make 100s of new leads for shows with this one effect.

Then Ken Brookes died and we were robbed of the only source for these coins.

Unless you were fortunate enough to have bought a set then, it seemed we would never be able to share this BEAUTIFUL and SHOCKING effect with our audiences again. 

Until one day it happened, I found (out of a random meeting) another SOURCE and knew I had

Once you get these coins in your hand, behold their beauty and WEIGHT you will NEVER let them out of your sight, after all, you are purchasing a PART of TIME in our craft that has been lost.


The ELEMENT of surprise is still alive in this POWERHOUSE of an effect.
Only a few men took the task seriously.
Today you enter into that VERY EXCLUSIVE CLUB.

Also included are my 3 FULL ORIGINAL routines designed to DESTROY an audience:

-Stand up- Using a Servante.

-Sit Down- A fully surrounded routine that is my tribute to Tim Conover.

Trying to find all of these coins and silk would cost you a headache and over $400 
(I know I went through it)

BUT I went through it so you do not have to.
I am offering EVERYTHING for ONLY $100 ON SALE!

PLUS you get FULL television rights to perform.

These will take about 4 weeks to get to your doorstep as this damn corona virus is causing many delays. BUT you will receive tracking when your coins ship so you can track them all the way to your mailbox.
I have no idea how long I will be able to offer these. 

But I just know I can NOW.
Pick up your set today and take a journey with me back in time when MAGIC meant something.