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Justin Miller is one of the finest ENTERTAINERS on the planet. You may see magic performed or a magician but not all are ENTERTAINERS. A big difference is Justin works relentlessly on the magic, the routine itself, audience management, visual appeal, mental appeal, and patter. Justin is a true artist. I am a full-time professional world-class entertain who has performed in over 78 countries and all 50 states and can say that I perform many of Justin's routines with my own added style. It is because of his unique creative mindset that I can get the high paying shows and clients. I need new material because I perform many times for the same C.E.O. or corporate client. I can highly recommend all of J.M. marketed effects and the vault is one of the very best investments any SERIOUS performer can make in his career. Excellent routines that will surprise, entertain, and fool the best of them. Thanks, Justin for outstanding magic.

-Anton Nova-



"MILLER'S VAULT is amazing! 

Very easy to navigate and dive right in! 

You are an incredible teacher!  

Very easy to understand and you don’t leave out any details and you don’t sugar coat!

There are also so many practical effects that are actually usable in many different environments. 

You being right there every step of the way helps with the confidence in taking in and on these new routines. 

Thanks for always being helpful when I have questions and actually giving a hoot.  

I give the vault 5/5 and Justin Miller 10/10!"

-Ritchy Flo-

Wow dude! The amount of content in the vault is crazy. 

I've learned a lot of your effects in the past and it's pretty nice to have them all sorted out whenever I wanna go back to look at them. 

Great job!

-Tommy Cole-

             -OVER 300 TITLES ADDED TO DATE-
         -OVER $13,000 in MAGIC AND MENTALISM-

This is BIG!
I am now offering my NEW material to ONLY SUBSCRIBERS thru the UNIQUE and VERY EXCLUSIVE...MILLER's VAULT.

Each month I will be adding NEW effects and random ideas, behind the scene videos and my talks on the art. You will also get LIVE performances that I will use to help you get the most EPIC reactions out of your performances for ANYONE at ANYTIME.
Some months it will be more magic...those who know me get it, I like to give:)
$9.99 a month gets you:

-Access to a MASSIVE library of OVER 200 TITLES! Material with cards, coins, rings, rubber bands, mentalism, lectures, live performances and so much more-

-24 hr support+direct access to me in case you need to reach out with questions or concerns-

If you decide to cancel your subscription you will lose access to the material.
If you decide to re-subscribe you will have access to your folder again.

NOTE: you will ONLY have access to your folder if you CONTINUE your subscription.
The moment you cancel you will loose access until you re-subscribe.

Just like any other Social media outlet like NETFLIX, HULU or AMAZON.
So it is to YOUR benefit to keep your subscription.
I have so many years of magic still that I have never released to the community.

So what are you waiting for?

ONLY $9.99 a MONTH!

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