Mental Sights


Perception 2.0 is AMAZING! I love that you teach it in different camera angles and have someone who is learning the trick as well. Remastered, cleaned up, and new ideas have been added, truly anyone who buys Perception 2.0 WILL NOT be disappointed. Also the new weight system is genius. Thanks again for releasing this Justin and I hope you get more sales for this because it's LEGENDARY!

-Brenden Latkovich-

A very VISUAL and EYE-POPING effect that combines a NEW deck appearance and Paul Harris's DIABOLICAL Vanishing Deck. 

With Paul Harris's blessing I give you Perception 2.0

I have worked tirelessly to improve on the construction of the gimmick and effect.

I am so proud to announce the NEXT LEVEL ...2.0!

-The gimmick is now made of TYVEK so it is UN-TEARABLE-

-There is a weight system now that allows the gimmick to OPEN up the MOMENT you need it-

-No more accidental fumbling for the gimmick-


A card to pocket plot...that thickens.

Card is selected and the deck is placed into your pocket. 

You explain that not only will get the card into your pocket but IN-BETWEEN the DECK.

Without any funny moves, the selected card VISUALLY MORPHS INTO THE FULL DECK OF CARDS that was just in your pocket.

You then make the card jump to the pocket as promised.

Then the deck VISUALLY vanishes and reappears BACK in your pocket to finish.

You end completely clean.

I give you 3 NEW ways to make the card morph into the FULL DECK.

This is the PERFECT MC/PARLOR/CLOSE UP effect.

You get:

-A HANDMADE PAUL HARRIS Vanishing Deck (2.0 version)-

-A full deck of cards that match the vanishing deck gimmick-

-A see thru carrying case to keep the deck in when not in use-

-A FULL DOWNLOAD teaching the in's and out's and all the revelations, including ideas by Adam Wilber and Gregory Wilson-

Each gimmick is handmade and tested by me...

(You will receive a red or blue deck and matching gimmick)

ONLY $35