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This is the most EXTENSIVE COURSE IN COIN magic to date.


MONDAY, NOV. 25th 7pm 2019 EST

I encourage everyone who enjoys coin magic to make sure and check out Justin's Material. His thinking is clever and very pragmatic. I LOVE it!

-Dean Dill-


Justin Miller's coin work is Olympic caliber level. As smooth, effortless and seamless as anything you could hope for. Miller gives new meaning to the term natural.

-Brad Christian-

(founder of

Justin Miller's coin magic is UNBELIEVABLE! Please stop him! Routines of his like Silver Dream are bad for my business! You are the 'Anti-Gaff.

-Jamie Schoolcraft-

(maker of the BEST coin gimmicks)

                                                         -THANKS TO ALL OF YOU-

                                                     The year was 2005.

Justin Miller is the David Bowie of Magic, pure genius

-Shane Collete-

DUDE how did you do that? 

SERIOUSLY how in the F**K did you do that.

-Adam Wilber-

(creator of PYRO and Creative Kiddos)

Justin Miller is a brilliant creator of cutting edge magic.

His “coin to ring”is one of the most visual effects I’ve ever seen”

-Jeff McBride-

Coin Magic was the first TRUE love I had in the art of magic. I was young enough to have studied under Delray, Slydini, Goshman, Roth, Gallow and old enough to have been influenced by Kenner, Liwag, Korn,Williamson and Dingle amongst so many others too many to name. 
I started my Coin Magic journey at the age of 7 yrs old. I quickly became the "look out for this kid in the future" conversation at magic conventions and get togethers. The first Coin effect I ever created was CARD MEN DON'T DO COINS. 
My first PRO. Coin effect I ever bought was LETHAL TENDER!


What is not to love?
It involves money (EVERYONE likes that)
They are shiny.
They have the sound of sirens alluring you thru the night.
There is a powerful attraction we have to them.

So I present to you and your consumption THE REAL COIN WORK COURSE...A glimpse back in time.

This is a collection of over 44, INSANELY VISUAL pieces of art that are designed to get your audiences to remember you FOREVER and MAKE lasting change( pun totally meant) In yours and their lives.

These are ALL original and 1,000'sth test proof effects that I have used to:

-Get gigs-
-Pay bills-
-Get phone numbers-
-Connect to socially-

And whether you have never taken the plunge into coin magic
or if you are advanced as David Roth I will teach you EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT COIN MAGIC and GUARANTEE that you will be able to find something for yourself in this pile of gems I humbly bring before you. 

Some of these have been reshot to give you the updated versions.

As you can see in the title this is also a course. Meaning I will show you how to use coin magic to become a better performer of ALL your Magic or Mentalism. Coin Magic teaches us so many things that I have never heard taught...UNTIL NOW!

You will learn:

Coin Thru Body- This is my CLOSELY GUARDED effect I have been performing for over 20 yrs. I have never showed anyone...till now. Talk about magic they can TRULY FEEL PHYSICALLY?

Mr. Anderson- A new version of my best SELLING matrix effect that really takes a total left turn.

Initials- A new way to perform my initial switch. Make any initials switch with THE OPEN and RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES.

Alcatraz- A 4 coin routine that use different currencies where one coin escapes under AIRTIGHT conditions.

Coin Thru Glass- I will teach you 2 effects I created using 3 coins and a glass.

Brothers United 2-3 Coins jump from hand to hand in the fairest conditions. The last coin goes thru THEM to get to you.

Copper Nightmare- I have to keep some secrets safe:)

Silver Dream 3-NEW take on SILVER DREAM. 3 coins vanish from you hand to reappear unread ANYTHING. Then in a flash the coins vanish with no sound.

Card Men Don’t Do Coins- An updated version of my coins thru hand. Original taught as well.

DMT 2- I give you EVERYTHING I left out of THE BOLD PROJECT. And man is it a lot.

Cross walk- A marked coin inside cellophane loses its identity and then reemerges in the same fashion as their hands.

Between The Sheets- A super cool way to make a coin vanish and reappear inside a card box and cellophane. Looks like trick photography.

F fly- Just 1 of my many versions of the classic effect made famous by Chris Kenner, 3 fly.

Silk N Cents- Oh boy is this MAGICAL! Coins appear after you drag a silk across the table. They vanish to back under the silk  just as silent as they came.

Ghost Dime-Dime is signed ,2 quarters are placed on top and bottom of a borrowed ring or yours.Dime VISBLY vanishes and is INSTANTLY found in between the quarters and ring.

Trinity- This is my first coins thru table with a KILLER,UNEXPECTED, INSTANT REVERSE they never see coming.

Mental feign- The 3rd version of my FAMOUS Seal A feign effect but with a mentalism flare to it. A game of IMAGINATION becomes real in cellophane-

Silver Fish- A 3 coin vanish and reappears that was first published on my STROLLING HANDS DVD set. I have upgraded:)

Coins across JM style-Wanna see REAL BOLD? This is a one of the most BAFFILING coin effects you will ever perform. But beware, not for the FAINT of HEART.

Matrix- The classic matrix with some added subtitles.

Shadow Coins- My full routine I use to perform when I was a teenager. THIS WILL FRY ANYONE watching.

3 High Fly-I have DEDICATED a BIG portion of my life to learning the best way to perform this classic effect, Now you get to see my findings for the first time.

Stuck on you- 3 different methods to get 2 different outcomes. One is a coin thru hand and the other 2 are a SUPER SNEAKY CLEAN coin change.

Glitched again- Make a coin appear in your empty hand and vanish in the same way.

PMCB- My BEST SELLING effect of the first part of 2019. You will LOVE the nature of this effect. 1 Bottle cap and a stack of coins and you will KILL.

Life- A new version of an effect I created with a condom...yep condom.

Eclipse 2- This is the FIRST time I have ever put the FULL routine in one place. It is more than just 1 phase. This is a 3 phase routine thanks ends in their hands.

RING and COIN- I have created a TON of ring and coin routines and moves I cannot wait show you. NOW you can do magic ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

Coin Thru Bill- I have some touches on this very underused effect. Now I will show you how to get the most out of it.

Seal A Feign 2 versions- I am reteaching both versions of the effect that helped put me on the map.

Coin-ivourous- Straight from my 2005 lecture notes HUH, comes a very weird and crazy story about a canibal coin who eats other coins. With a surprise finish.

Sudden Coins Production 3 coin and 4 coins- Ok so this is really cool. Walk up to any table, any bar any counter and lasy down your close-up pad and BAM 4 or 3 coins instantly appear. 100 PERCENT IMPROMPTU! Looks like trick photography.

Hippie Plus Me Coin Production- A new way to do hippy torale's coin production with out all the hard parts.

The Happy Audience Production- In a quick secession of happy claps a coin is produced from bare hands.

Coins Thru Table- I will teach the classic coins thru table that I was taught when I was just 7 yrs old. It will fool the best of em.

3 as 4- A logical count that you can actually see each coin as it is counted.

PLUS, not only will you lean all of these effects but you will also learn:


False Counts

The Muscle Pass

Click Passes








BONUS 1- Locked in a room without cards is my first set of coin lecture notes I wrote when I was just 17 yrs old. You guys get the PDF!

BONUS 2 Lip Service- This is my take of Paul Harris's, Homer Liwag and Eric Mead's BEAUTIFUL effect Lip Balm found in Pauls Book ART OF ASTONISHMENT. Plus with the NEW chaps tip containers I will show you how to ring in and out gimmick coins and extra coins with ZERO fishy moves. With full blessing from Paul:)



ONLY $60 $30