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Mental Sights

                 -60 EFFECTS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO DATE-

                Started at $5, price goes up by $5 every month!

Next price change on May 1st

ONLY $84.95 

Month 1: 
  • Re-Cig- A box of cigs are opened up and show to only have a broken cig inside and nothing else. Both pieces are fairly placed back in the box and the box handed to your spectator (your hands are EMPTY). You ask them to shake the box (they can clearly hear the two pieces inside.)Whenever they like they open up the box and a FULLY RESTORED cig is found resting inside....THEY CAN CRAWL IN THE BOX AND EXAMINE IT..nothing to find.
  • Hand off- A one handed triumph with a normal, borrowed (if you wish) deck. This looks impossible!

Month 2:
  • Banner for Bannon- This is my version of John Bannon's effect Oil and Vinegar but with a NEW subtlety to show the deck fully mixed up FIRST (john does it backwards) with inspiration from Paul Gertner. A deck is shown mixed. The card are cut and FULLY shuffled. The deck is then shown to be FULLY and black! With zero moves, the deck visually mixes up. 100 percent impromptu!

Month 3: 
  • Popper- Imagine making a popcorn kernel POP into a REAL piece of popcorn. THEN POPPING from one hand to the other. Yep THIS is the REAL work!

  • God's Breath- Cause a BORROWED ring to vanish from a tied rubber-band, and then appear with just your breath.

  • God's Vanish- A very slick move to cause a ring to vanish from your hand and BACK onto a rubber-band that can be around their wrist or yours!

  • Bill transposition from FALSIFY- As seen on national tv, this is THE effect I used to pass my audition for Wizard Wars with Penn and Teller.

  • The Show- A 25 min LIVE PRIVATE show that has it all. Magic+Mentalism+laughs and a ton of audience participation. This has NEVER been released to the magic community until now.
"S**t just got real" 



Month 4:

3 FULL (out of print) DVD's: with over 6 hours of REAL WORK effects and moves, these DVD's are the corner stone in card, coin and misc. magic. I even tip my closely held version of the classic John Ramsey Cylinder and Coins. One of the DVD's never even made it to the market but YOU can have it here. 

If purchased separately, these DVD's would be close to $90!

(if you came in at $5, wow did you all get a deal, told ya it would be MORE than worth it:)

I have to seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you for this knowledge of astonishment. This project is turning out to be the best yet! I've owned all of BOLD and this stuff here is even more the real deal. You can quote that however you like to brother. Again thank you for this beautiful project


Month 5:

Light this- A full unlit match book is shown and a match is removed. 2 "X's" are placed on both sides of the match. One vanishes. When the match book is opened again a BIG X is found written over ALL the matches. The book is closed. The last x on the match VANISHES and when the book is opened again...ALL THE MATCHES ARE FULLY BURNT! Everything is 100 percent examinable!

  • No switches!
  • Nothing to add!
  • FULLY Self-Contained!

The perfect pocket miracle...

TRWP keeps getting better and better.

I am sooo happy I came in at $19!

-Bill Jackson-

Month 6:

All Hands on Deck: A deck of cards is shuffled by you and them. 2 cards are selected and placed back in the deck.The deck is LEGITIMATELY shuffled again. Bragging about your memory abilities, you explain you will memorize the deck in less than 20 seconds. Not only can you tell them what number both cards are at in the deck, but you know the identities AFTER THE SHUFFLE!

100 percent Impromptu!


"When two great creators collide, sometimes something very beautiful comes out as a result. And this is definitely one of those moments!" 


"Justin, FANTASTIC ideas and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and handlings with me. Really,really brilliant! So kind of you to share." -Nicholas Einhorn-

3 of my pet routines with the ABSOLUTE MIND BLOWING effect:
Nest Of Wallets by the GENIUS Nicholas Einhorn.

-Word of the Day

If you own this beautiful piece of magic you will dust them off and start using them again. If you do not own will!

Over 25 min of teaching!


Weekly Astonishment's: I have included a 1hr and 50 min lecture on these 4 topics...

  • Failure
  • Approaching
  • Pocket Management
  • Hecklers

This 4 part mini series is added to a NEW folder called "speaking" I will be adding many rants and raves to this folder as the project progresses.

BONUS #4 ($20 regular price)
???Mystery Effect???

  • Over an hr of teaching.  
  • 5 effects taught in razor sharp detail using an 
  • Original Utility Device

I am giving you an effect that was just recently "published" without my permission by another magician...
So, I am giving this to you all for FREE! 
I refuse to allow my magic and my creations to be disrespected.It only hurts you in the long run. 
So you guys get my idea for FREE! I was not going to release this here but some people forced my hand.
This is a VERY powerful utility device that can peek info, retrieve objects and so much more.

Tandem Fantasy Vanish:
Yep all purchasers will get my 2 coin vanish that is taking the INTERNET by storm right now. 
BUT only purchasers of THE REAL WORK PROJECT will see how this is part of a BIGGER sexier 3 coin routine where the last 2 coins vanish at the same time at the end.
Watch the clips below to BE BLOWN AWAY!

I felt like a kid again watching you..WOW!

-Improper Reality-

Month 7:

Tact-full Prediction: Oh man is this good! With collaboration of Master Mentalist Marc Salem, comes an impossible effect. You place an empty tic tac case on the table with just a small pellet of paper inside. You show 6 different ESP cards and ask them to think of any one they want. 


The cards are put away. You ask them to think of their shape and you slowly start naming them off. You explain that as you are naming them for them to say STOP in their mind (not out loud) when you get to their shape. The moment you name it the pellet JUMPS in the tic tac case. The pellet is taken out and unwrapped...THEIR FREELY CHOSEN SHAPE IS ON THE PIECE OF PAPER THAT HAS BEEN IN FULL VIEW THE ENTIRE TIME! You will LOVE the ingenious method JUST as much as you will love the effect and the reaction it elicits from your audience. This packs small and plays BIG!

Watch trailer below!

Bad Ass!

-Tom Frank-

Month 8:
-1 hr and 30 min Private Session-

You will learn magic and mentalism with:
  • Cards
  • Loops
  • Silverware
  • Money (paper and coins)
  • Glass
  • Matches
  • Thumb Tips
  • Ball and Vase
Yep I have work on the classic ball and vase you do not want to miss.


-Chad Sanborn-

Month 9:
Crosswalk- is a powerful piece of strange. A borrowed coin has an X drawn on it. The coin is sealed under the cellophane of a card, gum or cigarette box. The X is ripped off the coin and is seen to now be fixed on the cellophane. It INSTANTLY goes back on the coin then BACK to the cellophane. The coin is placed in their hand. The X is then VISUALLY pulled off the cellophane and thrown at their hand. When they open up their hand the X is found FIRMLY on the quarter. Everything is examined and you end totally clean!

Yes,yes,yes...magic IS REAL!


Month 10:
Hopper 2 (Automatic Daley)- has all the moments of astonishment as H1, WITHOUT the gimmicks. Now it is fully impromptu. A card is FREELY peeked at and the deck shuffled by them. You fail to find the card. Instead you do an effect with the 4 ACES through a series of transpos (ala Dr. Daley last trick)
They never see the surprise ending coming!

Dear lord that is good!

                                                                             -Chrissy Edwards-
Month 11:
Ghost Dime- 1 quarter is placed on your spectators palm. Your ring is placed on top and another quarter is placed on top of the ring to enclose all of it. A dime is signed by them and you. The dime vanishes from your hands FULLY. They take off the top quarter and the SIGNED DIME is found INSIDE the enclosed quarters and ring. Ends COMPLETELY clean.

You are hands down my favorite creator and performer.

-Ben Hanser-

Month 12:
Comfort Change+DREAM EFFECT v.2-

Watch the EYE POPPING trailer on my NEW I.G. channel here:
COMFORT CHANGE. A VISUAL, POWERFUL routine that starts with 4 jokers. The last joker shown changes in MID-AIR to a named ace. The other 3 change as well.3 of the aces are dealt onto the table and VANISH instantly! The last ace vanishes in a just a wave of the hand in mid air! This is SERIOUSLY an EYE-popping routine.

It’s mind blowing, fun, and totally adaptable. 
You will amaze yourself!

-Marc Salem-

Month 13:

I told you guys that this project was JUST getting started. 


And these videos are not filler...noooo!

These videos are UNSEEN, LIVE, UNEDITED, RAW moments of ASTONISHMENT'S at:

  • Theaters
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Lyft Drivers
  • Hotels

Every possible place you can think of to share the art of magic and mentalism,I do it. 


Not just the perfect performances BUT I have included the MESS-UP's and bloopers so you can see how I get out of them and continue the routines. 

This is something NO ONE else will share with you! But that is NOT it. (wtf?)

I am also going to share with you magic by some of my old brothers in magic and some new ones. Appearances by Ricardo Bertinini, Nick Lawrence, Presto, Dalton Wayne, Xavior Spade and more.

This is MASSIVE and you guys get it just for being a member of THE REAL WORK PROJECT!

See you in March!

Month 14th

I am so happy to announce that I have finally converted over 17 hours of THE MAGIC OF DAVID COPPERFIELD SPECIALS from 1977-2001 from my VHS collection. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get these into all of your hands. I grew up with David and his magic as many of you has as well.  This is such an emotional experience to watch the evolution of by far the greatest magician of all time. 


THE REAL WORK PROJECT will start at the low price of $5 and will be raised $5 each month. 

You will get the entire project for the price you come in at.  

( Ex..Come in at $19.95 and you get the full project as it progresses without paying a dime more.

Come in at $30,$40, $60 etc... you get the full project at that price as well as it progresses,obviously it makes full sense to come in at the start)

THE REAL WORK PROJECT starts with 2 effects. (CURRENTLY,over 60 HAS BEEN ADDED!)

A one handed triumph and a broken and restored cigarette with ZERO gimmicks or Thumb Tips used. 

Magic with organic objects and visual eye candy will be included in PROJECT REAL WORK .
This NEW level will go into the very heart of what being a magician means to you but more importantly WHAT it means to anyone you share magic with. 

  • Unedited RAW FOOTAGE of me sharing effects with LIVE audience's. 
  • We will delve into what works (scripts, sleights,psychological subtitles and verbal nuances) in the REAL world.
  • Why each effect works or why it does not.
  • For the FIRST time ever in the art we will be showing what happens when an effect goes wrong and how to get out of it WITHOUT THEM EVER KNOWING IT WENT WRONG! 
  • This is a HUGE upgrade from TBP In material and content plus crystal clear teaching and performance.

"This will cover magic with EVERY POSSIBLE OBJECT IN THE REAL WORLD that I have wrapped my head around for over 30 years. Come with me on a journey that will show you what THE REAL WORK is and how to apply it to your own character and person."
Justin Miller