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Love it, love it, love it!  

Easily one of the best effects ever!

-Ana London-

This is so good! 
I love it!

-Eric Ross-

(David Blaine Consultant)

This is gold!

-Marc Salem-

I just purchased JM’s Voodoo No Dood and WOW!  
It is an in the spectator’s hand three phase wave of impossibility. 

Each shocking flow builds upon the others leaving the audience with that ever sought after feeling of “white-light” astonishment. In this routine Justin also covers what every magician needs to understand. 

The incredible power of silence.

-Kevin Wade-

Hey Justin, I watched your tutorial for Voodoo No Dood and it instantly became part of my repertoire! I love it so much! Thanks for your great work, keep it up! Once I got some money to invest into magic again I will definitely get your life collection, Voodoo No Dood on its own would be worth the money for it! You're the only magician who constantly manages to put out material I use every day! Thank you so much man!

-Dustin Grimm-

That's great man! Revealing the sympathetic X appearing on their card is a clever and entertaining setup to the x appearing on their hand. Solid routining! 
You really understand effect- love it!
        Chris Smith-(Double Cross Manufacture)
I have been looking for a new effect to step up my game and VooDoo No Dood is absolutely going to be the next piece I start performing. Even knowing how it works, it blows me away. I can't wait to do this in person - somebody's going to absolutely lose their mind!

-Chris P-

Voodoo No Dood Trailer

 Voodoo Doll-Face Trailer (Double Cross)

Voodoo No Dood Download Only 


Voodoo No Dood+Double Cross Package.

Special Offer

Voodoo No Dood: You ask your spectator if they know what VooDoo is. After a quick introduction of the subject a card is shown front and back and signed then placed in their hand.

Another card is taken and the corner is burnt. When they open up their hand THE SAME CORNER is burnt on their card. They cover the card again.

You then BURN the back of the card in your hand. THEY ACTUALLY FEEL the heat in THEIR hand. When they open up their hand a HUGE burn mark has now appeared on the back of their card.

Now for the hay maker. 

They cover THEIR SIGNED card again. You then slide your fingers across your card asking them to say stop. Wherever they say stop you then RIP the card half way. When they open up their hand THEIR CARD IS RIPPED half way down EXACTLY where they stopped on your card. Everything is given to them as souvenirs.


You hit them 3 times in a row. 

They never see any of it coming and it happens in THEIR HAND!

  • No gimmicks. 
  • Limited Sleights

Can be done with business cards and gift cards if you wish.




BONUS 1: The original TEST version I put out 5 yrs ago. Another phase was added.

BONUS 2: A full UNCUT LIVE video of all the phases.

BE WARNED that the screeching in the background is someone who had way to much liquid courage at karaoke:) But it is there for all the customers.

BONUS 3: Voodoo Doll face. A KILLER routine where not only a voodoo doll APPEARS on the back of the signed card, but a person in the audience actually gets MARKED on their palm with an x you drew on the doll. (Mark Southworth's Double Cross is needed. PACKAGE ABOVE!)

you're a F***ing beast dude.........dude............what a ballet of pure evil pleasure. I need to study a little more of your subtleties and get the balls to perform this....this just makes me nervous in a good way. 
I cant praise you enough!

-Michael Dabroski-

Oh my god Voodoo No Dude is killer......I can't wait to try this out. Good on you for coming up with it.
Btw, I just did it on my wife, and all throughout she kept saying WTF?????

-Phil De Costa-

You got me...I have NO idea how you did that! Dude, you gotta show me. Totally fooled!

              -Dalton Wayne- 
 (Wizard Wars SyFy- Penguin Magic-)

J,WTF bro? This is soooo good. I never saw the rip coming. This is the reason I look up to you and your mind. You are a GENIUS! EVERY magician and mentalists will be doing this!

-Brandon Gerald-

(penguin magic-Presto)

Just watched your Voodoo No Dood routine.  I have always been a big fan of Sankey's (Carbon Paper) and Kranzo's (Voodoo Card).  I truly believe your routine takes this concept to a new level and capitalizes on the time tested "rule of 3". Thanks a million for sharing your hard work, dedication and creativity within our community.


Just watched the explanation of voodoo no dood. Normally I don't like doing effects with cards but you just made me excited to get my cards out...and burn them:) 
This effect is going into my daily magic excercise until I have perfected every detail of it. 
Can't describe how excited I am about this effect! 
Thank you for sharing this wonderfull piece of voodoo magic!

Greetings Edwin Buis "The Lying Dutchman"

                      -Edwin Buis- "The Lying Dutchman"

From a REAL performance of VDND from magician Michael D:

"So I worked on my patter and a few subtle things you taught in the video and got the balls to perform it for most of my close neighbors hanging out side . I just made this young lady almost cry with it. She really almost started to have a heart attack from the build up and she was one of those with a smirk on her face when I first started . Sorry to bother you just letting you know I haven’t been this excited about a routine in a while..."