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This is EXACTLY how magic should look...Just purchased!

-Steve Kilmore-

Ok, so no gimmicks, and no thread? 

Sign me up...PURCHASED!

-Brian Levi-

Dammit Miller! 

This has to be the most beautifully choreographed and logical card effects I have ever seen. BRILLIANT! 

I purchased the moment I saw the newsletter!

-John Heather-

It's a levitation a transposition and genuine reputation maker!

Justin Miller has created one of the most stunning transpositions on the planet with this killer effect.

Without any extraneous moves two cards are FREELY chosen and LOST in the pack. The first card is found and placed between the spectators palms lets say its the king of clubs. Now the pack is given to the second spectator and ON THEIR COMMAND, the second card, let's say its the Seven of Hearts turns UPSIDE DOWN in their hands. The magician takes the Seven of Hearts into his hands and concentrates on it...the card slowly floats out of his hands (WITH NO GIMMICKS, NO LOOPS, NO THREAD...NADA) and with a gentle blow transforms into the king of clubs that was held tightly between the other spectators hands! The Seven of Hearts is now found between the spectators two palms. Chaos and wonder ensue!

  • Use an ordinary borrowed deck.
  • No gimmicks.
  • No duplicates.
  • Simple moves.
  • Start clean. 
  • End clean.

ONLY $10

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