Mental Sights


-Marc Salem-

I am ONLY selling 20 sets.
Once these 20 are gone this page goes away as well.

I am proud to announce my newest release"Wuhan Assembly"my profesional routine I perform for all my close-up shows.

Not only will you get all the props needed to perform this VISUAL effect, but you will get MULTIPLE ways to end INCLUDING them seeing and HEARING the coins go back into the box ONLY to find the box is FULLY SOLID. 

This beautiful set comes with everything you see here below:

-3 Matching Chinese Coins+ Expanded Shell-
(shell fits inside the box)

-1 Custom Made Box+Matching SLUG Box-

Shut up and take my money NOW!

-Craig Petty-

-A Custom Made Black Shot glass-

 -A detachable Servante-

What they Experience:

A shot glass, a designer pill box and 3 coins are fully examined.

The 3 coins are placed into the box one at a time and the lid is closed.

They then VISUALLY see the first coin APPEAR inside the shot glass (this looks like REAL MAGIC)

The box is shown to have just 2 coins.

Again the box is closed and the second coin materializes in the shot glass.

The 3rd and final coin is placed in the box.

2 single coins are placed under the shot glass


The 3rd coin VANISHES from the box UNDER THEIR HAND and when the shot glass is lifted up the 3rd coin is seen to have assembled.

Then in a flash, the coins vanish AT THE SAME TIME from the box and reappear in the shot glass with ZERO NOISE.

(Slug box is then used as an optional kicker ending)

-ONLY $150+$15 shipping worldwide-
-5 Sets Left-

-These will begin to ship First week of MAY-